To love unseen potential

Spirit tells me that it is easy to love whom or what is obviously

Lovable, but to love what or whom requires intention to love

Unseen potential, we must first feel compassion based on

awareness that we, ourselves, may not always have been as

lovable as we may now consider ourselves to be.


How would we express love based on compassion?


We would accept it as a sacred duty to care for and about

Whatever or whomever we intended to love.



Our future is calling to us

Spirit tells me that,

As if I didn’t know,

We were not always

As we are, now, but

We must always have had

The potential to become

As we are now, and

If we had, and we did,

The unseen potential

To become as we are

Now, then,

What unseen potential

Do we now have that will

Manifest itself in our future?


Then Spirit asks me,

Is our past sending us

To our future, or

 Is our future

Calling to us?