A Tree of Compassion

Spirit asks me what I will do to celebrate
my recovery.

I haven’t fully recovered, yet.

Do you expect to?

More or less.

Then, it is time to plan to celebrate.

How will I celebrate.

You could give thanks to the Universe.

I do, now.

How do you express your thanks?

In action?

How else would it be possible?

What would you suggest?

You could plant a tree.

Where?. My small garden is crowded, now.

Is your heart also crowded?

What kind of tree could I plant in my heart?

A tree of Compassion.

Compassion for whom?

And what?

How can I feel compassion for …

Go on.

For Life?

Is that not possible?

It would include myself.


To feel compassion for myself would require
separating myself from myself.

Can you do it?

Separating the actor from the role she plays?

Yes. Separating essence from form.

It wouldn’t be easy, for me.

I didn’t promise easy.

There is no here and now

Spirit tells me that

There is no here and now.

Show me, He asks, point to here,

Point to now, on the clock.

Today, this, morning, tonight,

Yesterday and tomorrow make

Sense, from a so-called civilized

Society. Even then these terms are

Unstable and move as the Earth does,

And as the Universe moves, with

Intent beyond our understanding.


Spirit goes on to promise to

Correct me if I should ever use

Simplistic, nonsensical terminology

When communicating with him.