The Price of Bonding

Spirit tells me that, to the extent that we each influence another,

To that extent we are consuming or being consumed into

The essence of the other. Some call this process bonding.


This is, He tells me, a Universal Law, wherein all separated

Aspects of life return to again become one.


That may be so, in the long term, but how does knowing that

Affect my life here and now?


Have I influenced your thinking?


Very much so.


Then, are we bonding?


Yes, I hope so, but I would resist being consumed.






The Power of Attraction is a Universal Law

Spirit tells me that the power of attraction is

A Universal Law, but it’s highest purpose is

To inspire everyone to reach for

The best within themselves, not to

Gratify greed and lust.

Moisture in the atmosphere

Is attracted to and attracts

Moisture in the atmosphere,

Without consciously wishing to.


An alien, Spirit suggests,

Might suppose that shoppers are

Attracted to each other when

They come together for

A mutual purpose, to shop.


The power of attraction,

Spirit continues, is a

Magnetic-type force, in which

The prize attract us.

We do not attract the prize.




I Ching 33 – Withdrawal

Today’s I Ching – 33 – Withdrawal

Heaven above, Mountain below. Withdrawal follows Constancy in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: Constancy suggests enduring, but, nothing lasts forever, at least not in this physical and material world.

The Universal Law of Interdependence refers to relationships, such as; give and take, come and go,

Does that mean you are leaving me? I ask.

Yes, It does not mean that.

Then what?

Wait and see.