Mind is not really within us

Spirit tells me that the so-called inner world of spirituality and

Mind is not really within us, at least not exclusively. On the contrary,

We, as individuals, are within one mind. 


Drops of water within an ocean might be unaware that they are

No more than concentrated segments of it, as lumps in a sauce

That has not been well stirred.


Our individual minds are not entirely contained within our human form.

Form does not contain mind. Finer and denser aspects of mind

Interact with each other within  without, and through whatever forms

May temporarily exist.


My thoughts are your thoughts, or will be, perhaps, if and when

Your mind is able and willing to receive them.


Why are you telling me this?


You seemed to need to hear it.


Transcending our cultural mind-set

Spirit tells me that we must transcend

The cultural mind-set that we were

Born into, and raised within. We are,

He tells me, as conditioned as

The countless millions of people

Living in other societies.


The socially-acceptable way of living

In our own culture may differ from

That of other cultures, but their people are

No less and no more conditioned

Than we are, Only the rules are



But, Spirit cautions, though some of us

Can and must liberate ourselves

From group-think, we must also

Be aware that freedom from one

Form of unacceptable social conditioning

Does not necessarily result in a better

Way of life. Tyranny has a history of

Being replaced with another tyranny.


Those of us who must transcend our

Social conditioning, for whatever reason,

Have a sacred duty not to liberate

Too many others.