Beyond Love

A new year begins but life-long learning continues
as a spirit guide shares a precious gift of wisdom.

Wisdom is love, He tells me.

But, love is emotion.


And, wisdom requires intellect.


So, how can one be the other?

Which one?


Emotion is emotion.

And intellect is …


But wisdom is love?


Then, is love wisdom?


So, wisdom is love but love is not always wise?


Then, wisdom would seem to transcend love?


But, love is generally accepted by so-called
spiritual groups, and individuals, as being


This is an error of thinking?


How to correct it?

With truth.

And how to find truth?

There is no way to find Truth. It finds you.

Relationships and Furniture

Spirit tells me that relationships are not
usually as solid as is furniture, and
cannot, or should not be measured in the
same way, relative to each other or to

Relationships and furniture?

Relationships as furniture.

As in possessions?



What does that mean?

I can see furniture …


You interrupted …

You had completed a thought, or at least
had completed expressing a thought.

I can see furniture.

Yes, but you cannot see relationships
in the same way, at least not until
you learn to see in a different way
with a different sense.

Not with physical eyes?

Not with physical eyes alone.

Then, physical sense are an outer form?

They are more than form. They are as
radar in that they pick up signals.

And inner senses decode these signals?




Then what?

Translating and transcending. However,
there are potentially unlimited degrees
of understanding the messages our
outer senses pick up.

All that glitters …

Is not gold.

The lesson?

Accept the messages that you feel
seem real, while they do.

And then let them go when a deeper
awareness suggests …


Transcendence as Sacred, or Is It?

Spirit tells me that when we intend
to learn more about life, or anything
else, as if there were anything
unrelated to life, then we intend
to transcend what we now know,
or think we know.

Or now believe?

No. Belief is an end point.

Until we doubt?


Back to transcendence.

Transcendence doesn’t go back.

I thought the term transcendence
was spiritual.

It is, but not exclusively.

Isn’t there a danger in …

Using a word to express what it
was designed to express?

Then, to rise above could refer
to moving up a material ladder
from a lower to a higher level?

Yes, or to intentionally integrate
thoughts and emotions, and then
to transcend that integration
by physically or mentally
acting on the outcome.

Then, action, any action, is
an intentional expression of
a blend of thought and emotion?


Regardless of the quality of the
blend or the resulting action?


Then, where is the beauty and
magnificence that transcendence
suggests, more than suggests; it
seems to inspire awe and devotion.

A word can do that?

For me, yes. At least it did
until you …

Until I what?

You removed the shine and reflection
of a higher light.

Did I remove the light?


Then, what?

I was using the word to replace
the light?


Idol worship?


Transcending our cultural mind-set

Spirit tells me that we must transcend

The cultural mind-set that we were

Born into, and raised within. We are,

He tells me, as conditioned as

The countless millions of people

Living in other societies.


The socially-acceptable way of living

In our own culture may differ from

That of other cultures, but their people are

No less and no more conditioned

Than we are, Only the rules are



But, Spirit cautions, though some of us

Can and must liberate ourselves

From group-think, we must also

Be aware that freedom from one

Form of unacceptable social conditioning

Does not necessarily result in a better

Way of life. Tyranny has a history of

Being replaced with another tyranny.


Those of us who must transcend our

Social conditioning, for whatever reason,

Have a sacred duty not to liberate

Too many others.



We are all Soul Mates

Spirit tells me that

Whether or not I am aware

Of the fact, We are all

On a journey of discovery

Together, Not to transcend

What we are (trade ourselves

In for something else), but

To transform, or change,

What we are, into something

Better, and in the process,

Improve the conditions of

The world we live in, simply by

The way we choose to live

Our individual life.


We in Spirit share your perspective,

With you and through you.

The human body, whom

You inhabit, for a time,

And a purpose, is, as We are,

Spirit. You are not alone.


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