Enlightenment is Different To Different People

Spirit tells me that the way of enlightenment
is different things to different people,
if only in their different minds, and even
so-called different minds are not really
different at all.

Then, how can we agree on the way to go?


To enlightenment.

There is no way.

No way to enlightenment or no way to agree?


Please explain.

We are each and always have been
in the process of becoming.

Becoming what?

Some call it becoming enlightened.

What do you call it?

What it is.

Then, what is it?

Then, now, and forever the same

What process?

Not what process of becoming?



It would be an intellectual trap.

Would be, or might be?

Would be.


Please explain the process of

Before I explain enlightenment?



I need to bring it all together.


Oneness is a core principle of Life

Spirit tells me that a new story must be told about our inner reality, an inner world of Spirit wherein all Life is eager to assist and share in the creation of our future, and to teach us how to care for each other, everyone, and everything we care for.

We are each citizens of this world, He tells me. We each blend our unique energies together into one. We are serving each other, in one way or another

Oneness is a core principle of Life.

We are all Soul Mates

Spirit tells me that

Whether or not I am aware

Of the fact, We are all

On a journey of discovery

Together, Not to transcend

What we are (trade ourselves

In for something else), but

To transform, or change,

What we are, into something

Better, and in the process,

Improve the conditions of

The world we live in, simply by

The way we choose to live

Our individual life.


We in Spirit share your perspective,

With you and through you.

The human body, whom

You inhabit, for a time,

And a purpose, is, as We are,

Spirit. You are not alone.


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