Neither Pen nor Ink am I

Spirit tells me that I am neither the pen nor the ink

<Through which His teachings flow.

I am a channel, as is everyone else, more or less.

Whatever anyone of us can say, do, think, or feel

Has been said, done, thought or felt before,

Or might have been.


“Monkey see, monkey do” describes learned behaviour and

Human behaviour is learned behaviour, except for that which is

Instinctive and universal. No emotions are unique.


What is unique, Spirit claims, is our individual blend.of

Universal attributes and potentials, and our more or

Less unique chosen way of expressing these.


We each choose and practice behaviours, thoughts,

Skills, and language, that we have learned from

Others. We feel Universal emotions but we each

Express these in our own way, more or less.


The difference between our relationship and

That of some others, He tells me, is that He has

Chosen to channel his teachings through me,

After having prepared me; trained me, more or

Less, and taught me enough to make it possible

To use me. But, even that would not be enough

If I (me) did not choose to serve as his student and

Channel. It takes two.


I had to learn before I could do, as it is with

Everyone who ever learned to do anything.

Religion and Spirituality

Spirit tells me that

Different religions and spiritual belief systems

Necessarily exist because of

Different knowledge needs among

Different groups of people.


No teacher replaces another

Spirit assures me,

Until the seeker, or believer,

Is attracted to another way of

Understanding Life than

What she or he is now learning from

A Present teacher or from

Personal experience alone.


We each possess and

We each are, a unique

perspective, attracted to

A similar or expanded

Version of our own way of

Learning, or our own way of

Knowing, and our own way of

Relating to our shared reality.