Unconditional Surrender is a no-win Situation

Spirit tells me that unconditional surrender is a no-win situations.

Winners become losers if their influence over other powers

Depends solely upon force.


Such a situation requires continued use of force to maintain

Control over whomever or whatever.






Such as?


Addictions and other self-destructive lifestyles.


But, will power …


Will power alone can sometimes control but never

Release the need for whatever.


Then what is a solution?


A solution for what?


The tension, the stress in maintaining control.


Awareness, acceptance, understanding, compassion

For self, and respect for the so-called enemy.


And intention?







Defeat is not Surrender

Spirit teaches me His own style of

Meditation. He does not accept that

Meditation should calm the mind..


Spirit seems to believe that

The mind should be agitated and

All dearly-held beliefs and

Understandings be put

Under attack, debated,

Challenged by His

Superior thought system.


When I tell people that

I meditate often, they ask

If it relaxes my mind and

Look disbelieving when

I tell them it exhausts me.


Focus, Spirit teaches, on whatever

Aspect of my understanding or beliefs

He has chosen to alter. Somehow

I begin with confidence that,

Since I have spent a lifetime

Seeking greater understanding of

Philosophical and spiritual

Principles, that I have nothing

More to learn. My arrogant

Confidence, He loves, and

Perhaps, delights all the more

In dissolving, one by one,

Precious truths..


I never surrender; I struggle

To the inevitable, it seems,

End. My defense, sooner or

Later, collapses, and I must,

With great reluctance,

Let it go, and accept

Spirit’s more logical and

Compassionate wisdom.

He wins, again.