All stress is a response to experience

Spirit tells me that all stress is a response to experience, but

Experience itself does not necessarily create stress.


How we choose to respond to experiences that Life

Provides us with, and we seem to respond differently to

Similar situations at different times, determines how

Stressful each experience will be.


I have a problem with that explaination.




Choosing suggests rational thought.




But, how can we choose an emotional response?


Why would you choose an emotional response?


Surely an emotional response is a more immediate and

Natural expression of how I experience whatever situation.

Doesn’t emotion have to come before thought?






Emotion may be triggered by experience, but thought

Would determine how to respond.




Always. even when thought allows emotion to have its way.






Learning to Understand Life

Spirit asks me if I would wish anyone else to share

Such a relationship as we seem to.


The answer to that one is easy, and simple.. No.

I would not wish for anyone the stress of the strugggle

I experience, with no end in sight.


Why do you continue?


I’m not aware of any option. Besides, I seem to

Need to hold on as long as I can.




There could be some reward, and perhaps

Learning is its own reward.


What are you learning?


To understand life.


What have you learned so far?


That it’s still a mystery, to me.






Hostility can serve us well, if we let it

Spirit tells me that hostility can serve us well,

If we let it. And, be aware, He advises, that

Hostility in any form is still hostility.


Try to accept that hostility comes as

A precious gift from Heaven, the

Universe, God, Tao, or Whatever is

Highest in our mind.


Hostility is as love, He tells me, in that

It is in the eye of the beholder or

Recipient. Only someone who sees

Herself or himself as less hostile is

Able to recognize it as such.


Instead of focusing on the experience

Of being a victim, the opportunity is

Provided to recognize one’s own

Awareness and, perhaps, Compassion

For the stress and emotional pain

Behind the hostility in both the giver

And recipient.


A Formless and Tuition-Free Academy of Higher Learning

There is no urgency, Spirit tells me. There never was

And never will be. Perhaps not for Him, but it stresses

Me to be, or seem to be, a very slow learner of His

Gems of Wisdom. Sometimes I wonder how

I could ever grasp the depth of insight

That seems almost comprehensible

And yet still beyond my understanding.


At times like this I feel compassion

For Spirit, my teacher, whom I greatly

Respect, but do not always show it.

Why? I fear I’ll lose myself in

The immensity of his energy, that is

So totally beyond that of my own.


The compassion I feel for Him comes

When I consider that possibly

He was assigned to teach me,

Perhaps as a Cosmic joke.


Spirit seems to smile at my misplaced

Compassion, if it is misplaced, and

I suddenly feel appreciation and gratitude

Beyond measure, for being blessed with

The opportunity to study at a

Tuition-free and formless academy of

Higher Learning. Then I wonder, as if

To bring myself back to a denser form

Of thought, do formless energies have

Form other than of their own choosing?


Spirit assures me that, just as all matter

Has form and energy, so it is with Him

And all so-called formless energies.

Form, He tells me, is in the eye

Of the beholder, but not as beauty is.