Boundaries and Limitations

Spirit tells me that

Boundaries are around us and,

Limitations are within us, but

Neither boundaries nor limitations

Are static or rigid, unless

We choose to allow them

To be.


We can, If we will to, at least

To some extent, overcome

Personal boundaries and



We can, if we will to,

He tells me, push

Both our boundaries

And limitations,

To give ourselves

More flexibility and

More opportunities, if

We are willing to accept

The cost; responsibility.

The reward is increased

Satisfaction in creating

Our own life.


We’re not there now.

Spirit tells me that, wherever we may have come from, we’re not there now.

We have either moved forward or slipped back, unless

We have climbed up out of something; a place, situation, relationship or

a state of mind.and

Wherever we are now, the ground is moving

Under us, through us, and

Around us.

Nothing is static.

The Universal Law of

Continuous Motion

Applies to us, to everyone, and to

Everything, both

Individually and collectively.