Complexity within simplicity or

Spirit asks me to consider whether

Life is complexity within simplicity, or

Simplicity within complexity.

Then, almost before I can begin

To try to determine which,

Or if neither description of

Life is applicable, He

Asks me to visualize

The intricate web of Life and,

To ask myself where I am

Within that web, or if I am

Separate from that web. Am I

Within or part of the web.

Again, without waiting for

My doomed to be inadequate

Response, He tells me that

We are separate, but,

Only for as long as

We believe we are.


Our essence is, was, and will be what it now is

Spirit tells me that

We are now what we have become and

We will be what we become, but

The energy that we now are

Was and always will be

The same energy.

Only the quality and strength

Of our energy transforms,

Transcends, if it does, and

it does, for nothing is

Constant. Life expands and

We each contribute to

That expansion, one way

Or another.