A Critical Mass of Awareness

Spirit tells me that somewhere I am

All that I now wish to become.

What’s still missing, He suggests, is

The development of a critical mass of

Awareness that will create an

Irreversible shift in my understanding of



I have many friends, helpers and

Teachers, all around me, who, for

Reasons of my own choosing, are

Still invisible to my materialized



As long as we need to strive to become,

We are reaching for what we already are.

And, He tells me, we are all reaching,

Unless we have become sidetracked in

Our purpose for being here, a sacred



Ambition gets bad press, claims Spirit.

However, in our essence we know that

What we strive to accomplish is for

Far more than self-indulgence. It is

For self- and Self-realization and

Satisfaction, which is pleasure, and

Pleasure is a gift we give to ourselves

And to others in that if offers inspiration,

Such as in, “See, I did it, and you can

And will, too”.