Is Self-Control an Ego Trip?

Spirit tells me that He is only one of many Spirit Teachers who
seek to help willing people to create a satisfying lifestyle,
and that His Fellowship Group are not at all interested in
helping everyone, only those who genuinely care for the world
they live in and for themselves, enough to resist as much as
they can, unhealthy habits. Self-control in all things is
our way, He claims.

It all sounds so noble that I’m annoyed at myself for even
listening to a cynical voice from somewhere in my mind that
whispers to me that, perhaps, His ego has escaped self-control.

Continuous Creation as an unavoidable way of life

Spirit tells me that everyone creates in a continuous

And unending development of their life. Some may

Call it a lifestyle, but a way of life is the way we

Choose to create our life. We cannot not create


When we eat, He tells me (I have just finished

Eating a delicious meal that I prepared myself, so

It could be sour grapes – Spirit may not be able

To eat).. He repeats Himself, when we eat, we

Are nourishing or abusing our body.

Eating far beyond (I may have overeaten

A little) what is necessary to sustain

And nourish healthy growth.


Addiction to food is still addiction. I

Feel no remorse. My taste buds enjoyed

The food, and approved of my efforts.

My appetite, wherever that resides,

May have been a bit greedy. My body

Does feel a bit too full. This is abuse,

Spirit tells me, and I suppose He’s right,

Again. My digestive system, He tells me

Has been the victim of my obvious lack

Of self-control, and now must work,

Beyond what a small meal

Would have required of it.


Now comes the real guilt trip. He

Suggests that my digestive system

Has now become an unwilling

Participant to disease creation,

Obesity being, in Spirit’s mind,

A created disease process.

I will try to eat less, next time.

Practice or Habit

Spirit tells me that

Practice can result in

The development of

Physical, intellectual, emotional and, or

Spiritual patterns of behaviour, but that

Habits can also result in

The development of physical,

Intellectual, emotional, and, or

Spiritual patterns of behaviour.


The difference between

Practice and habit is that

Practice requires intent to

Continuously develop

 Desired patterns of

Thinking, feeling, behaving and being.

While habits can develop

Through the lack of intent and

Conscious self-control.