Acceptance and Contentment

Spirit shares His understanding of timeless wisdom.
He tells me that acceptance is contentment.

How can I feel content about accepting something
that I can’t change?

What else would you feel?


In losing a battle you know or believe that you
never could win?

What else could I feel?

Satisfied with yourself that you did, if you did,
everything you could do to win.

And satisfaction is contentment?

In this case, yes.

Are we referring to a specific case?

Yes and no.

As particular and general?


Constraints as Challenging Bars

Spirit shares ageless wisdom with me, but
it seems to require never-ending development.

I obviously don’t have what it takes.
I struggle, as many others surely do,
to live within constraints not of my own

Spirit claims that I do choose and am
trying to avoid accepting responsibility
for choices I freely make.

But, how free are we to make choices
when the choice I seem to need to make
is the lesser of two or more otherwise
unacceptable choices? Spirit is unimpressed
with my whimpering. It doesn’t move him.

Constraints, He tells me, are necessary to future
progress in any discipline or area of human
development, including spiritual, intellectual,
or material, in that they provide challenges to
our present level of skill, as well as serving to
soften our ego’s otherwise smug sense of
satisfaction in the moment of victory.

Challenges that we have faced and overcome
seem to whisper to our inner ear,
perhaps we should raise the bar.

Reaching the Finish Line

Spirit tells me that one purpose of a memoir is to move forward

By looking back, as one might do while climbing a high hill or

Low mountain that, for reasons of our own, must be climbed.


Life itself can seem to be an uphill battle, but we might get

Some satisfaction from looking back and seeing how far

We have come. And, then, with a sense of accomplishment,

Turn again our focus ahead, anticipating the pleasure of

Celebrating a mission accomplished.


Does it ever happen;?




Reaching the finish line.


For whom?









A Critical Mass of Awareness

Spirit tells me that somewhere I am

All that I now wish to become.

What’s still missing, He suggests, is

The development of a critical mass of

Awareness that will create an

Irreversible shift in my understanding of



I have many friends, helpers and

Teachers, all around me, who, for

Reasons of my own choosing, are

Still invisible to my materialized



As long as we need to strive to become,

We are reaching for what we already are.

And, He tells me, we are all reaching,

Unless we have become sidetracked in

Our purpose for being here, a sacred



Ambition gets bad press, claims Spirit.

However, in our essence we know that

What we strive to accomplish is for

Far more than self-indulgence. It is

For self- and Self-realization and

Satisfaction, which is pleasure, and

Pleasure is a gift we give to ourselves

And to others in that if offers inspiration,

Such as in, “See, I did it, and you can

And will, too”.



Boundaries and Limitations

Spirit tells me that

Boundaries are around us and,

Limitations are within us, but

Neither boundaries nor limitations

Are static or rigid, unless

We choose to allow them

To be.


We can, If we will to, at least

To some extent, overcome

Personal boundaries and



We can, if we will to,

He tells me, push

Both our boundaries

And limitations,

To give ourselves

More flexibility and

More opportunities, if

We are willing to accept

The cost; responsibility.

The reward is increased

Satisfaction in creating

Our own life.


When we love what we are doing

Spirit tells me that

When we are doing what we love and

Love what we are doing, then

There is a two-way flow

Of energy, loving energy, because

Satisfaction flows back.


The financial bottom line is,

For so many, the only

Definition of success.


Spirit tells me that

Everyone experiences suffering

Of one kind or another, and

We all struggle with situations

That are, or seem to be,

Totally beyond our control, but,

How we respond to difficult people,

Or situations, makes a difference

In how they affect us,

Long term.