The Mountain of Our Mind

Spirit shares gems of wisdom with me.

He  asks me if we can walk through a mountain.

Only if someone blows a tunnel through it.

We will,

What mountain?

The mountain of our mind.

How is our mind like a mountain?

Seemingly solid, but really only dense.

A fog is not rock.


Struggle may not help a rock

Spirit tells me that struggle can never help us to become

Anything that we have no potential to become.


But, a rock may never know that it has no potential to

Become a tree until it tries again and again,

Without success.


However, the rock may discover that it does have potential

To become what it now is, a rock.


People are not rocks.


What are they?


They, we are living forms of intelligent energy.


And rocks are not?


Perhaps they are, but people have potential.




What does that mean?


More struggle might help you.