Unity in Diversity

Spirit tells me tht we each develop awareness in our own time and in our own way.

 There is no reward for those who finish first, for nobody ever finishes, at least not as individuals.

 Sooner or later we choose,  not at an intellectual level of thought, but as a consequence of expanded awareness, to merge our own, unique perspective with a larger and more inclusive mind.

 There is no limit to what we can learn, both individually and collectively.

 But, what if some of us seem to need to learn something that others may not consider important, to them?

We each learn to satisfy our unique need to learn whatever, according to personal interest.

 Unity in diversity?





Learning to Understand Life

Spirit asks me if I would wish anyone else to share

Such a relationship as we seem to.


The answer to that one is easy, and simple.. No.

I would not wish for anyone the stress of the strugggle

I experience, with no end in sight.


Why do you continue?


I’m not aware of any option. Besides, I seem to

Need to hold on as long as I can.




There could be some reward, and perhaps

Learning is its own reward.


What are you learning?


To understand life.


What have you learned so far?


That it’s still a mystery, to me.






Each in our own way

Spirit tells me that we each develop awareness

In our own way and in our own time.

There is no reward for those who

Finish first, for nobody ever finishes.

Thee is no end to what

What we can learn if

We want to.

We each satisfy our individual need

To learn whatever, according to

Personal interests,

At any given time.

What’s In It For Me

After many years of sharing His wisdom with me, Spirit asks me,

What is in it for you (me) to study with me (Him).

How to answer? I’m taken by surprise.

Spirit rewords His question,

Which now sounds almost like

A challenge or accusation.

He goes on, And don’t give me

Self-righteous ideas of

Seeking to live a good life

For its own sake.

That just doesn’t cut it

With Me.

I almost sense a sneer

Of contempt, and then

The sneer becomes gentle and warm

When it had felt icy cold.

How can that be?

I’m totally bewildered,

Until I seem to become aware

That a lesson is being taught.

But, What lesson.

Whatever it was

I didn’t pass.

I failed, again.

Self-righteous ideas of seeking