A Calling, I Guess

Spirit tells me that we have been climbing
our mountain; our chosen way of life is as
a mountain.

But, what if I didn’t choose my way of life?

How would it be possible not to have chosen?

It may have chosen me.

How would that have been possible?

I was born into a particular family, within
a particular culture, in a particular
community, at a particular time, possessing
particular attributes.

And then what?

I became part of that family and culture.

And then?

And then I seemed to grow beyond …

Beyond what?

Beyond the comfort zone of them and myself.

And now?

I seem to be on the outside, looking in
to a place I can never return to.

Yes. Would you return if you could?

No. I seem to be where I am and moving
even further away from where I once
needed to be.

Is it a choosing?


Then, what?

A calling, I guess.

Yes, but you choose to respond.


Beyond the comfort zone

I Ching 25 – No Error

Today’s I Ching – 25 – No Error

     Heaven above, Thunder below. No Error follows Return in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains:  Every step we take leads us away from somewhere and toward somewhere else.

We each move Live with awareness; some with more and some with less, our choice.

Return refers to choosing to be aware of having wandered from our personal path and choosing to return to it.

No error expresses the concept of “no blame” which is inherent in the I Ching. Perhaps wandering from The Way of Enlightenment, or Tao, was necessary for us to become aware of where we really want to go, or do.

What does this say to me? I ask.

Figure it out, He tells me.