Acceptance of an imperfect world

Today’s I Ching – 50 – The Cauldron

Fire over Wind. The Cauldron follows Revolution.


Spirit explains: Revolutions are never an end of problems. War does not cause peace.


But, the most violent…?


If they lose…


So, what is the answer?


Life goes on.


But, surely that is not enough.


What more do you want?


A good life.


What is a good life?


Where people help each other.


People have always helped each other.

But, not everyone. So, what is the answer?


Life goes on.


What inspirational message can come from such a picture of life?


A personal one.




Acceptance of an imperfect world.






Pity is Arrogance

Spirit tells me that to tolerate ignorance and other base qualities

In oneself, or in others, is disrespectful of those others and oneself.


It is also counter-productive and slows progress, and so, is also

Disrespectful of our future.


Then how to respond?


Compassion is the answer and is the only way to achieve

Peace of mind. Pity is arrogance pretending to be

Justifiably superior.


If I pity the wretched conditions of others, then I am not

One of them, and, He claims, to be with them and not of them

Is impossible.



Life is a dance

Spirit tells me that in the dance of Life, specific energies

Blend or they do not. We each send out smoke signals,

Perhaps in the form of peace offerings, to heal a real or

Imagined offense, and to test the direction in which

Our relationship is moving.


Our peace offerings serve a useful purpose, even if

They are rejected. We have tasted the soup of our

Relationship. Is it too cool to enjoy? Is it too hot for

Comfort? Or, is it just right for a pleasurable and

Mutually satisfactory experience?.


Life is a dance, He repeats, so relax and move to the

Music of challenges and situations. And, trust yourself

To intuitively know when to move closer, step aside,

Back away – how to live your life, your way.

Never back up or back away

Spirit tells me to

Never back up or back away

From those I care for, when

Their truth differs from my own, and

They seem to use anger as an argument

To defend it.


Spirit suggests that I practice

Stepping aside; a martial arts move

That allows one’ opponent

To advance without

Direct confrontation.


This would allow me, He tells me,

To witness their anger from

A safer perspective.


Anger is not an argument, but

Is sometimes used as

An alternative to one.


To step aside, in awareness,

Understanding and compassion,

While remaining at peace

With your own truth, and

Wishing peace of mind,

For the other.