We each are as a personal history book.

Spirit shares words of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that knowing is not a matter of faith.
We know that wounds hurt for we have experienced
their pain, both physically and emotionally.

Physical pain is felt through our physical senses,
while emotional pain is a mental state, and is often
learned and developed through habit.

How do we learn emotional pain?

It is a socially acquired skill.

If you offend me and I feel distressed, then I have
learned to feel distressed, and you are not the cause?


Who taught me?

You taught yourself

Then, everyone would feel offended for the same reason?

Not necessarily.


You could not offend me.

Perhaps you’ve developed immunity to offence.

There are other labels.

Such as?

Tolerance, patience, understanding, compassion –
the list goes on.

You did not include awareness.



The examples I provided each require a certain
depth of awareness.

The problem with that approach, or at least
one problem, is that it would be seem to require
a certain detachment from the emotional state of
the offender, as well as oneself.

Why would that be a problem?

It would suggest a certain lack of sensitivity.

Not necessarily so.

Please explain.

As we becomes increasingly aware of the path,
then we can listen to what some might call offence
calmly, and feel compassion for the distress of
the other. As Confucius might say, “No blame”.

How is that possible?

As we develop ever-more clear vision we can see in
many more directions than one. The present arrived
from the past and we each are as a personal history
book that those who have eyes to see can read, and
we all can and will develop eyes that see, sooner or
later, and from a unique perspective.

I’m not ready for that quality of insight, yet.


We need to wallow in self-pity

Spirit tells me that none of my many (too many to count)

Closed doors of relationships that once seemed destined

To last forever, ever existed to close.


How then can I tell illusion from reality?


They are one and the same.


But, I have cried rivers of tears.


Where are they now?


I don’t know.


They’ve been recycled for others to shed.


What purpose did they serve me?


You needed to wallow in self-pity to ease the pain of

Losing another illusion.




Not a course in miracles

Spirit tells me that the lessons He

Will teach me will not result in

Miracles, and that my progress,

And that of everyone else is

Guaranteed. Its only a matter

Of enough experience to

Persuade us to adapt to

The realities of Life.


This is not a course in miracles,

He assures me, but a struggle

Toward enlightenment. First

Comes pain.


Stop. What kind of assurance

Is that? Who wants pain?


Not pain, alone, He tells me.

There are other stresses, too.

I protest. This is not the way

I remember learning in school.


Spirit questions my memory of

How I learned what I did, and

Suggests that everything

I have ever learned, is as

Taught in OUR primary school.


You (meaning me) and some others

Seem to forget that experience was

Always your best teacher. But,

That alone, was never enough.

We need to reflect on experience

Or suffer the pain of needing to

Repeat the lesson. It’s as

Simple as that.


What about compassion?


My compassion for you is

Genuine and deep, but

It does not replace experience.

Lessons need to be learned.


Whatever made me think that

Study with Spirit was a blessing.

It is, He tells me, and,

You know it.