Spirit Claims to be Aware of My Suspicions

Spirit tells me that He is aware of my suspicions about Him.

At times I do suspect that He is more aware  than I am of my own awareness.

But, I am learning to live with that possibility, more or less.

What are my suspicions? Or, are they doubts?

No, I have no doubt, well, perhaps a little, as to the degree of control He seems to have over me.

But, is He a Spirit Guide, as He claims to be? Or, is He a Muse, sent (by whom?), or choosing on His own to come to inspire. But, to come from where?

The Pantheist in me tells┬áme not to accept any “where” that might suggest a world other than the one I now live in, and there is no other world, or is there?

Spirit tells me that we live in a multidimensional world, wherein, both seen and unseen intelligent, to greater or lesser degrees, beings not only live but interact with us, whether we are aware of this reality or not.

I can imagine that possibility, now that I have learned to accept Spirit’s presence and influence in my personal life We seem to share and co-create our relationship with each other.

Spirit tells me that all creativity expressed on the material or physical level of existence, or Life. is simply the manifestation of an inner relationship with so-called other worlds, of other ways of being.