Learning to Understand Life

Spirit asks me if I would wish anyone else to share

Such a relationship as we seem to.


The answer to that one is easy, and simple.. No.

I would not wish for anyone the stress of the strugggle

I experience, with no end in sight.


Why do you continue?


I’m not aware of any option. Besides, I seem to

Need to hold on as long as I can.




There could be some reward, and perhaps

Learning is its own reward.


What are you learning?


To understand life.


What have you learned so far?


That it’s still a mystery, to me.






My reach is always beyond my grasp

Spirit is so patient with me, sometimes.

He sighs as He sees me reaching

Beyond, it seems, my mental capacity

To understand what He is trying

To teach me.


It is, He tells me, similar to

Reaching to take hold of

An apple in a tree. Sure,

There are those you could

Easily reach, but, that

Does not seem to be

Your style. You need

A challenge, and yet, it

Stresses you, knowing that

You can almost grasp it.


Perhaps, He suggests, if you

Stepped a little closer and

Then reached.


How do I step closer to concepts?

It’s not the same as reaching

For apples. Or is it?


Yes, and no, He replies.

With apples, you can visualize

Stepping closer. With concepts,

Try a similar strategy. You can

Accept that the idea appeals to

You, or not understanding it

Would cause you no stress.

Step closer, look closer, and

Then try to grasp it.


I tried His strategy. It didn’t work,

At least for me. I still can’t.


Perhaps you never will, but

To stop trying is not an option,

Not for you, nor me.