We Each Change Everything

Spirit tells me that I can only be or become
the person I already am; the person I have
always been and always will be.

I can understand that I am who I was and
will be, but can I become other than I am?

Yes. We change everything and everything
changes us. We are not what we were or
what we may yet become.

So, I’m both a who and a what?

You are not a who; you are who. And,
you can never be a what, whatever what
you may have in mind.

What am I if I am not what I am?

You are a woman.

But, that’s not unique.

The woman you are is unique.

In what way?

No other woman is you.

Being is not enough.

Enough what?


Being doesn’t require much achievement.

But, I want to achieve.


I don’t know.

Nothing can be achieved without effort.

And acquiring something requires effort?


And effort requires intent?


And intent comes before effort?


And what comes before intent?

Desire and a chosen way to achieve
what is desired.

And opportunity?

Yes, but sometimes we must create
our own opportunities.


Observation and preparation, with
help from synchronicity.


Call it what you will, but first
do nothing until you know what to do.

How to do nothing?



But, I

Hostility can serve us well, if we let it

Spirit tells me that hostility can serve us well,

If we let it. And, be aware, He advises, that

Hostility in any form is still hostility.


Try to accept that hostility comes as

A precious gift from Heaven, the

Universe, God, Tao, or Whatever is

Highest in our mind.


Hostility is as love, He tells me, in that

It is in the eye of the beholder or

Recipient. Only someone who sees

Herself or himself as less hostile is

Able to recognize it as such.


Instead of focusing on the experience

Of being a victim, the opportunity is

Provided to recognize one’s own

Awareness and, perhaps, Compassion

For the stress and emotional pain

Behind the hostility in both the giver

And recipient.