To even attempt to explain …

Spirit asks me to try to see Life through the eyes of a mystic.

How does a mystic see Life?

As a mystery to be deeply respected, cherished, and served.

How to serve Life? What is Life?

All that is.

Then, how is it possible to serve all that is?

By serving yourself in such a way that expresses, if only to yourself, your awareness of oneness to everyone and everything else.

How to explain that to anyone?

To even attempt to explain it is to deny the reality.

Those who understand …


Tarot as a Sacred Science

Spirit tells me that Tarot cards were designed to preserve

Deep understanding of human nature. Many ancient traditions

And mystery schools have been destroyed in the

Name of progress, and replaced with teachings that deny

An essential oneness beneath a surface of diversity.


There is no magic involved or required in the study of Tarot images.

Instead, what is required is deep respect for and serious intent

To study the specific images that the reader’s or client’s personal

Energy has attracted, at a particular time.


The image on the chosen card brings a hidden message.


Why hidden?


To protect its high value. Anything easily available is vulnerable

To being seen as of little worth.


At first glance, Tarot images seem to describe general aspects of

The human psyche, or an easily understood situation. But, how

The images are interpreted or ‘seen’ makes all the difference.

Each reader or client’s vibrational energy interacts with the images

To co-create a message. Something is understood concerning

The problem within the mind of the seeker.


In this respect, Tarot can be seen to be much like meditation, and

Only another path to the same Universal source of wisdom.


A renewed interest in Tarot?


Yes. Why not?




Learning to Understand Life

Spirit asks me if I would wish anyone else to share

Such a relationship as we seem to.


The answer to that one is easy, and simple.. No.

I would not wish for anyone the stress of the strugggle

I experience, with no end in sight.


Why do you continue?


I’m not aware of any option. Besides, I seem to

Need to hold on as long as I can.




There could be some reward, and perhaps

Learning is its own reward.


What are you learning?


To understand life.


What have you learned so far?


That it’s still a mystery, to me.