More or less is more than not at all.

Spirit tells me, and I guess it’s true, that I seem to resist accepting

That some relationships may represent no win or win-lose situations.


But, He claims, no-win, or win-lose relationships are usually easier to

Slip out of than are win-win ones.


Why would anyone want to slip out of a win-win relationship?


Win-win relationships, at least on the surface, seem to serve

Everyone, more or less.


And, He adds, more or less may be preferable to not at all.


That’s it?


Yes, for now.

More is not necessarily better

Today’s I Ching is 46 – Rising.


Spirit explains: Rising follows Gathering in a natural succession.

As we gather together, we rise in numbers, but quantity is not

Necessarily a rising in quality. More is not in itself better or

Worse than less.


What does that mean for me?


You seem to always want more of something without considering

How it would balance with less of something else.

We pay a price.


Or would, if You let me have my way?





Struggle may not help a rock

Spirit tells me that struggle can never help us to become

Anything that we have no potential to become.


But, a rock may never know that it has no potential to

Become a tree until it tries again and again,

Without success.


However, the rock may discover that it does have potential

To become what it now is, a rock.


People are not rocks.


What are they?


They, we are living forms of intelligent energy.


And rocks are not?


Perhaps they are, but people have potential.




What does that mean?


More struggle might help you.