Relationships and Furniture

Spirit tells me that relationships are not
usually as solid as is furniture, and
cannot, or should not be measured in the
same way, relative to each other or to

Relationships and furniture?

Relationships as furniture.

As in possessions?



What does that mean?

I can see furniture …


You interrupted …

You had completed a thought, or at least
had completed expressing a thought.

I can see furniture.

Yes, but you cannot see relationships
in the same way, at least not until
you learn to see in a different way
with a different sense.

Not with physical eyes?

Not with physical eyes alone.

Then, physical sense are an outer form?

They are more than form. They are as
radar in that they pick up signals.

And inner senses decode these signals?




Then what?

Translating and transcending. However,
there are potentially unlimited degrees
of understanding the messages our
outer senses pick up.

All that glitters …

Is not gold.

The lesson?

Accept the messages that you feel
seem real, while they do.

And then let them go when a deeper
awareness suggests …


What’s In It For Me

After many years of sharing His wisdom with me, Spirit asks me,

What is in it for you (me) to study with me (Him).

How to answer? I’m taken by surprise.

Spirit rewords His question,

Which now sounds almost like

A challenge or accusation.

He goes on, And don’t give me

Self-righteous ideas of

Seeking to live a good life

For its own sake.

That just doesn’t cut it

With Me.

I almost sense a sneer

Of contempt, and then

The sneer becomes gentle and warm

When it had felt icy cold.

How can that be?

I’m totally bewildered,

Until I seem to become aware

That a lesson is being taught.

But, What lesson.

Whatever it was

I didn’t pass.

I failed, again.

Self-righteous ideas of seeking