I need to learn not to know

Spirit tells me that I need to learn not to know, in the sense that I can

Accept and understand that there is no absolute knowledge beyond

Which there is nothing more to learn about whatever.


Science serves us well in reaching beyond the limits of our present

Understanding and providing us with ever-more insights into



But, even scientists know there is more that can be and will be learned

About whatever.


That’s fine for scientists, but I seem to need to believe in something.


Do you believe in me?




That’s something.




Knowledge is not Understanding

Spirit tells me that we live and share with each other

As teacher and student of wisdom, and that

Wisdom is understanding while knowledge alone

Is not.


Knowing what is what is not the same as knowing

Why what is what and how to use that knowing

To serve self, community, and Life.


A farmer usually knows more than what

To plant, when to plant, and where to plant.

Why requires understanding based on



The same is true of compassion, He tells me.

The memories or personal pain compel us

To feel the pain of others, or we have not

Suffered enough. It’s as simple as that.