We live in a world that lives in us.

Spirit asks me to let Him teach me a better way to live

In my precious world than so-called modern society

Seems to encourage.


Our world is precious, He tells me, and is worthy of

Deep respect, and it is not separate from us in any

Real sense.


We each are the world that we live in, the world that

Lives in us.


Success in small things prepares us

Spirit seems to scold me for setting goals that are

So limited that they do not, to Him, qualify

To even be called such.


Where is intention and striving toward?


Perhaps I’m afraid of failure.


What’s wrong with failure?


I’m also afraid of success.


Yes. But, why?


Where to go from there?


It would, or could, He tells me, become as

Just one more of the many everyday successes

In my life.


Such as?


Preparing dinner.