Embedded within a pattern of Existence

Spirit tells me that we are, each and every one of us,

Embedded within a pattern of existence that is also

Embedded within even more expanded patterns.


I protest that such a reality may exist and probably does,

For I can visualize such a concept, and then my mind

Blurs the image, or does the image blur my mind?


It’s too deep for me, and my Spirit Teacher seems to

Sigh at my simplicity.


I want to live in the here and now, even knowing that

They do not exist except in the here and now and,

Even then, with little or no stability.


What about your desire to expand your awareness and



What about them?


Can they expand in your so-called here and now?


Perhaps I have a problem there, or here, but how

To bridge the gap between the two perspectives?


There is no gap and no need for a bridge.


Then what?


Simply release your hold, your identification with

Your so-called but non-existent here and now.

The fog will slowly lift and the way will become clear.


There is no here and now

Spirit tells me that

There is no here and now.

Show me, He asks, point to here,

Point to now, on the clock.

Today, this, morning, tonight,

Yesterday and tomorrow make

Sense, from a so-called civilized

Society. Even then these terms are

Unstable and move as the Earth does,

And as the Universe moves, with

Intent beyond our understanding.


Spirit goes on to promise to

Correct me if I should ever use

Simplistic, nonsensical terminology

When communicating with him.