Hostility can serve us well, if we let it

Spirit tells me that hostility can serve us well,

If we let it. And, be aware, He advises, that

Hostility in any form is still hostility.


Try to accept that hostility comes as

A precious gift from Heaven, the

Universe, God, Tao, or Whatever is

Highest in our mind.


Hostility is as love, He tells me, in that

It is in the eye of the beholder or

Recipient. Only someone who sees

Herself or himself as less hostile is

Able to recognize it as such.


Instead of focusing on the experience

Of being a victim, the opportunity is

Provided to recognize one’s own

Awareness and, perhaps, Compassion

For the stress and emotional pain

Behind the hostility in both the giver

And recipient.


When to resist temptation, and when not to

Spirit tells me that resisting temptation is, or can be

Habit-forming and a source of self-satisfaction,

Unless we resist temptation solely for the sake of

Resisting temptation, in order to receive

Blessings from Heaven. In such a case, He tells me

(as if I didn’t know), no great benefit would be earned.


Pleasures are or can be blessings to ourselves,

As a token of self-love. And, He tells me, we

Would be incapable of loving anyone or

Anything (for those who might consider God as a

Thing) if we cannot, for whatever reason,

Love ourselves, whom God loves dearly.