The Lie we live serves us well, or does it?

Spirit tells me of a certain woman He knows,

Better than she knows herself, who,

Lived a lie. To all she knew or

Thought she knew, she was a fool,

A simple fool who could not, or

Would not face the truth, and then

Something happened, or did it,

And, if it did, then how and why.


We only see what we see and know

What we know, and we hardly know

Ourselves, so how can we dare

To think that we can know

Someone else.


She was aware, Spirit tells me, of

Being considered a simple fool, and

She played that game, buying time,

Until the fear of facing the truth,

Her truth, would become less than

The pain of living a lie. And,

She seemed to know, or

At least trusted that it was

Only a matter of time, and that

Time was on her side, and

It was, and is, and, so it is

With everyone.


No easy way out

Spirit tells me that

When we choose to take

An easy way out of

An otherwise difficult

Situation, that decision

Could have a long-term

Negative (not so easy) effect

(or consequence).


We could be creating

Future problems for ourselves

(and who wants that)

That might prove to be

Directly related to

Our refusal to face

Difficult situations when

They first visit us.