Awareness is knowing instinctively

Spirit tells me that awareness is knowing instinctively that

Everyone and everything, at any given time, conceals

Meaning beyond what they would seem to reveal.


A certain imbalance of energy exchange reveals intent

To masquerade as other than what they would have us

Believe, if we were not aware enough to notice the deceit.


Teacher, why are you telling me this, now?


Now is a good time, if any is.


To be aware of potential danger even when no real danger

Seems evident, is not necessarily phobic. Trust your instinct.



Love is as a Pressure Gradient

Spirit tells me that love can never be a one-way Street.

It is as a pressure gradient of energy exchange.


What energy is exchanged for what?


Each party to the exchange has something to give.




Something the other party values.




Needs fulfillment.


Personal or general?