Endings change into beginnings.

Spirit explains I Ching 64 – Unsettled.


Fire over Water represents an unsettled situation, both in nature and

In human relationships. This unstable condition is represented in the

Hexagrams with active and forceful Fire being a yin trigram, but

Emotional Water being a yang trigram.


How is it possible for Water to be yang, and Fire to be yin?


All forms of life contain a blend of the same energies contained in

All other life forms, to a greater or lesser degree. Yang represents

Creative and forceful, if necessary, energy, while yin represents

Receptive and nurturing energy, but also contains assertive power.


Neither yang nor yin is subservient to the other. They constantly

Interact to develop a harmonious relationship without either denying

Their own or the other’s individuality. Sometimes they necessarily

Seem to oppose each other and, at other times they blend

Harmoniously as one, or as close to oneness as they each feel

Comfortable with.


So, even though Fire and Water could cancel each other out, they are

Aware that doing so would be self-destructive?


Yes. This awareness is a very appropriate setting for Unsettled, the 64th

And ending Hexagram. It sets the stage for the interactive cycle of life

To begin again, without ever having actually ended, with Hexagram 1,

The Creative.



New Beginnings require endings

Spirit tells me that

New beginnings require endings.

We each must learn

Through experience, how far

We can go in making

Concessions to please others,

For whatever reasons.


There is a limit, He tells me,

That only experience can

Teach us.


When it becomes more painful

To hold onto than to let go, then

A chapter in our Life ends, and

A new one begins.


Even then, we may still be

Involved with whomever or

Whatever we have let go of, But

It will never again be as it

Once never was.