The Universe lives in us

Spirit tells me that we not only live in the universe; the Universe

Also lives in us. The same life energies that flow within form also

Flow within essence, which is spirit, and this shared, moving energy

Harmonizes form and essence, more or less.


Why more or less?


There cannot be flow if there is stagnation.


Must my mind or body always be more or less agitated

For life energy to flow within me?


There are other terms to describe the process.


Such as?


Discontent, inspired, weary, fearful, compassionate –

The list goes on.


Growth requires discontent

Spirit tells me that growth requires discontent.

However, change can only be constructive if we

Listen to or restlessness and seek to understand

Exactly what it is that bothers us about the present

State of whatever and consider how we might,

With a little or much effort create the change that

Would satisfy our restlessness, our need to do or

Become whatever.