We are not our physical bodies

Spirit tells me that we are not our physical bodies.

They are, He claims, a precious gift of Life.


We only inhabit our physical bodies for a certain time,

But some seem to care for their personal precious gift

With greater care than do some others.


Is that a personal criticism?




The Original Sin – Abuse of Privilege

How, I ask Spirit, can we, okay, I, possibly cope with abuse

If there seems to be no escaping from it?

To seek to escape if cowardly, He tells me.

But, Isn’t it possible, I suggest,

That some, okay, that I might sometimes

Take offence to something that someone

Might say or do, and feel

abused by them?

Sensitivity to criticism can only develop,

Spirit explains, from past experience

Of abuse, and we all have

Past experiences of abuse.

That may well be

The original sin.