Unlimited Degrees of Love

A Spirit Teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom.

He tells me that we each express love by caring for and respecting
those whom, or that which, we claim to love.

But, there may be unlimited degrees of quantity and quality of care
and respect.

Yes, and there are unlimited degrees of love.

And quality?

Our capacity to love expresses the quality of our soul’s development.

Can we control love?

No. What we don’t express, we don’t have to express. Love is limited
only by the personal restrictions we put on ourselves. We each possess
the potential to love unconditionally.

Then, why don’t we?

We fear losing control.

Free will and community

Today’s I Ching is 60 – Discipline

Water over Lake.. Discipline follows Dispersal.


Spirit explains:  When a river flows into a lake then water overflows

Onto surrounding land, unless it is restricted from doing so.


Dispersal suggests an unorganized scattering, such as seeds or

Dry leaves by a wind.


There is no free will choice, no sense of freedom involved when

We have no self-control concerning where we are going with our life.


Self-discipline determines what we will do with our potential; how

It will be directed. Without self-control, we risk being controlled by others.


How to have it both ways? I need to be free and still be a contributing part of

A community. I need to think for myself and still learn from You and others.


Yes, we need both.


Then how do we work both sides of the street?


We don’t.


Then what?


We compromise; we find an acceptable middle ground between extremes

Of individualism and group control. But we must always be aware of

The price we choose to pay, or we risk losing choosing.



Free will is never free

Spirit tells me that in many ways the past cannot be changed, but

Our understanding of past experiences is, at least to a certain extent,

A reflection of our intellectual and emotional maturity, at any given time,

As well as the degree of truth of information we received from others

Concerning the events in our past.


Even facts can be misinterpreted, intentionally or otherwise. We may

Also learn to accept that any past events necessarily developed out of

Even earlier situations, as well as from choices made by ourselves or others.


Through a continuous process of change, caused by forces beyond our

Control, at least to some extent, the choices we make today will limit or

Expand the choices available to us tomorrow.


We are what we have become and we will be what we become.


Where does free will fit into the picture?


Free will is never free.


Spirit Claims to be Aware of My Suspicions

Spirit tells me that He is aware of my suspicions about Him.

At times I do suspect that He is more aware  than I am of my own awareness.

But, I am learning to live with that possibility, more or less.

What are my suspicions? Or, are they doubts?

No, I have no doubt, well, perhaps a little, as to the degree of control He seems to have over me.

But, is He a Spirit Guide, as He claims to be? Or, is He a Muse, sent (by whom?), or choosing on His own to come to inspire. But, to come from where?

The Pantheist in me tells me not to accept any “where” that might suggest a world other than the one I now live in, and there is no other world, or is there?

Spirit tells me that we live in a multidimensional world, wherein, both seen and unseen intelligent, to greater or lesser degrees, beings not only live but interact with us, whether we are aware of this reality or not.

I can imagine that possibility, now that I have learned to accept Spirit’s presence and influence in my personal life We seem to share and co-create our relationship with each other.

Spirit tells me that all creativity expressed on the material or physical level of existence, or Life. is simply the manifestation of an inner relationship with so-called other worlds, of other ways of being.