Do we move through Life or does Live move through us

Spirit asks me,

Do we move through Life or

Does Life move through us.


I am still me, even after

All these yeas, and yet,

Something has changed.


The physical part of me is

Certainly not as it once was, but

Even as it once was had changed

From an even earlier once was.


I remember being young, or

Was it a dream, a

Living dream.


I try to take care of myself,

And yet…


Perhaps my aging body was

Designed to fill a purpose

That I do not yet understand


When the curtain drops, will I

Still be me?



Every Relationship is a Learning Experience

Spirit tells me that

Every relationship is a learning experience

In which each participant is both

Teaching and learning something.


Deep or shallow, Long term or

Short term. how far will

Each particular relationship

Take us, if we allow or

Invite it, to?.


How does or will each relationship

Change us and how will we

Change the other or others?


Is it, or will it be worth the effort

If we are aware and intend

To change and/or be changed?


Any relationship either stimulates or

Drains our energy and

Other resources, precious or



Where will each relationship

Take us, and how can we know




We are all Soul Mates

Spirit tells me that

Whether or not I am aware

Of the fact, We are all

On a journey of discovery

Together, Not to transcend

What we are (trade ourselves

In for something else), but

To transform, or change,

What we are, into something

Better, and in the process,

Improve the conditions of

The world we live in, simply by

The way we choose to live

Our individual life.


We in Spirit share your perspective,

With you and through you.

The human body, whom

You inhabit, for a time,

And a purpose, is, as We are,

Spirit. You are not alone.


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