Life is an Ecosystem

Spirit tells me that to serve Life is to serve ourselves, for

We are all as one with everyone and everything else that lives.


Life is an ecosystem wherein all life is interactive, interrelated,

And interdependent, in the same way that all biological systems

Within the human body are as one unit while functioning as

Seemingly separate systems within systems.


We seem to be able to accept that any diseased area within

The human body is a threat to the health and the survival of

The entire human body.


Why, He asks me, can we not just as simply accept that

The same relationship exists beyond the human body, and

That interconnectedness of all life forms functions

To sustain the individual life forms through a sense of





Yes. We are mutually sustained or mutually destroyed.

It’s as simple as that.

Relationship is Social Connective Tissue

Spirit tells me that

Social connective tissue

Serves the same general

Purpose as physical, biological

Connective tissue, within a human

Or animal body. How?


It allows individuals, groups of

Individuals, and groups of groups

Of individuals to live as

One life form, while seeming

To live separate existences,

Each possessing, possibly

Different ways and means of

Achieving, or attempting to achieve

A Universal goal of health

And happiness.


Spirit then tells me, as if

I could not figure it out

For myself, that Our way is

Not for everyone.


We each must learn from

Experience, what lifestyle is

For us and then to develop it,

One step at a time.