Not all apples are alike

Spirit tells me that I must learn to judge people as I would

Fruit at a market. Not all apples are alike.


So it is with people. We do not choose produce according

To how we would like it to be, but by how it seems to be,

Now. Quality is more or less self-evident.


We may be more or less than we once were, and we may

Become more or less than what we now are, in whatever

Aspect of our being.


But, for now we are as we are, or seem to be. So it is

With everyone.


Those who have eyes to see are, at least to some extent,

Responsible for what they see, and, for how they respond

To what they see. It’s as simple as that.

My reach is always beyond my grasp

Spirit is so patient with me, sometimes.

He sighs as He sees me reaching

Beyond, it seems, my mental capacity

To understand what He is trying

To teach me.


It is, He tells me, similar to

Reaching to take hold of

An apple in a tree. Sure,

There are those you could

Easily reach, but, that

Does not seem to be

Your style. You need

A challenge, and yet, it

Stresses you, knowing that

You can almost grasp it.


Perhaps, He suggests, if you

Stepped a little closer and

Then reached.


How do I step closer to concepts?

It’s not the same as reaching

For apples. Or is it?


Yes, and no, He replies.

With apples, you can visualize

Stepping closer. With concepts,

Try a similar strategy. You can

Accept that the idea appeals to

You, or not understanding it

Would cause you no stress.

Step closer, look closer, and

Then try to grasp it.


I tried His strategy. It didn’t work,

At least for me. I still can’t.


Perhaps you never will, but

To stop trying is not an option,

Not for you, nor me.


Apples are apples, whatever colour

Spirit tells me that

Apples are apples

Whatever colour

They may be, and,

If a few yellow apples are

Accepted into a collection of

Green or red apples, then

Their colour is not changed by

Their acceptance into

The group.

Yellow is yellow,

Green is green,

Red is red, and,

Yes, apples are apples.

They can, if they will to,

Harmonize with each other

Without losing

Their unique essence.