Heroes come and go

Spirit shares perennial wisdom with me,
and with anyone else who cares to listen
to our more-or-less private dialogue.

But, it is a dialogue with a difference.
How so? Spirit seems to know and, at time,
so I suspect, directs my thoughts, and
even my emotions.

But, He must pull them from a pool of
previously existing collection (in my mind,
or in my small share of cosmic mind), I do
recognize them as my own, more or less.

In this respect (as well as in depth of
awareness and intelligence) He has
a great advantage over me.

I can often suspect how He would likely respond
to whatever I might say, do, think, or feel, but
He often catches me by surprise with thoughts
far beyond what I might have suspected.

Why? Perhaps I have still to develop appropriate
respect for the depth of …

Why did you not refer to My depth? Am I less
than my thoughts, to you?

I’ve been there and I’ve done that.


Hero worship.

Perhaps you worshipped the wrong heroes.

Are there right heroes?

For whom?

For me.



You would, in time, find faults with them,
as you do with Me.

You seem to go out of your way to ensure
that I find faults with you.



Your addiction to hero worship is
a stumbling block on the path
to truth. Truth is forever.

And Heroes come and go?


Consumerism as a life without purpose

Consumerism, Spirit tells me, is an addiction in that

It is a lifestyle without soul, without purpose other than

To possess more and more of what is destined and

Designed to become out of style, obsolete and

Requiring replacement by a newer model of whatever,

That, in a very short time, will also be without value.


And yet, He tells me, our society has come to

Depend, almost for its financial survival, upon

Producers and advertisers of unnecessary

Consumer goods, whose mission

Statement seems to be to create a need

For such in the minds of the general

Population- the so-called masses.


However, Spirit advises, when I suggest

The masses are victims of advertising,

He corrects me with the reality that

They choose, for whatever reason,

To play the game.