I Ching 51 – Thunder

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares his understanding of I Ching 51 – Thunder

Thunder above, Thunder below.

Thunder follows Cauldron in the order of the Hexagrams.


The order of the Hexagrams expresses the Universal Law of Causality. Nothing comes from nothing. All situations develop from a previous situation. How they develop and what they develop into is not entirely predetermined. Free will and choice, as well as Destiny contribute to the outcome. How we choose can be the result of habit, or awareness and intent to develop our own way through life situations not necessarily of our own choosing.


The message?


Thunder is never silent.


I’m allowed to complain?

 It seems to be in your nature to do so.


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Progress Requires Organization and Supervision

My spirit teacher and myself do not always agree.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of
the wisdom represented by I Ching 19 – Overseeing.

Supervision of work in progress is necessary
if the work is to proceed in an organized way,
way, according to a pre-determined outline and
desired outcome.

It sounds like organizational behaviour.

Progress requires organization of time, effort,
and supplies.

What about people?

What about them?

Do they also need to be organized?

By whom?

By whomever is supervising their time and work.

Can they not supervise themselves?

For personal projects, yes. But, if they are
participating in work that requires group effort,
then how would this be possible?

It not only is possible, it is the only way
toward a successful outcome.

But, we each might have a different opinion
on how to proceed and even whether or not
to continue whatever project is in question.

Why is it in question?

Perhaps we each…

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Differentiation vs Separation

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
separation vs differentiation.

What seems to be the problem?

Seems to be, or is?

Seems to be, in the minds of some.

In the minds of some?


But not in all?

Not in all.

But, if all minds are individual aspects of
the one …

And they are.

Then, …

Go on.

How could they be separate?

They cannot.

How is this possible?

Different meals can be prepared from
the same ingredients. Apples are apples,
whether served in a pie or as a sauce.

Or a drink?


But, different minds have varying degrees
of potential.

Not all apples are the same.

So, differentiation could refer to various
specific types of apples.

Or minds.

How can a mind be a type?

We each possess potentials that some others
may or may not possess.

So, a mind is a mind whatever…

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Confidence As A Trap

Spirit asks me what it means to be intelligent.

To be able to think.

What does it mean to be able to think?

About what?

About anything.

To think is to become aware of what is happening
in and around me.


How can I become aware without first thinking?

How can you think without first becoming aware?

Then, thinking is to intentionally focus on
whatever I become aware of?

For what purpose?

To understand.

To understand what?

Why it is the way it seems to be,


To satisfy my curiosity.


To consider how to respond to this new


But …

But what?

If I have developed a response that has become
a habit, how would thinking be involved?

It would not be.

Thinking would be bypassed?


Then, I would become as the scientist’s dog?


Expecting results that may not happen?


So, what is the answer?

To what?

How is it possible or even desirable to use
precious time considering results other than
what we have become confident of, if those
results are all that we are familiar with?

How to consider the unexpected?


Confidence can become as a trap.

The wild card?

To understand what?