A Not-So-Inner Dialogue

Spirit tells me that we seem to experience a not-so-inner dialogue and relationship with each other.

I sometimes wonder if Spirit is a Spirit at all. Perhaps He is a personal Muse.

What difference would it make?  Spirit asks me.

I suggest that there is a very clear difference between the two guiding energies. A Muse inspires creativity, whereas a Spirit Guide is a teacher of Perennial Wisdom.

I accuse Spirit of suppressing my creativity, such as it might be, by seeming to keep it at a pre-school level, unless, of course, I am using him to excuse my own lock of personal creativity.

Even my small garden would benefit from some inspiration, if Spirit would offer it. Perhaps He’s just not into gardening.

2 thoughts on “A Not-So-Inner Dialogue

  1. Dear Carridine, I must come across as being very self-centered in posts such as this one. Words can never fully express the emotional intensities that may have formed the thoughts expressed. But, perhaps as an artist, you may have sometimes experienced the feeling of having your hand and your talent (or potential talent) held back by some powerful but unseen force, and knowing that there was intent behind it all, but feeling powerless to do anything but complain.

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